My Beloved Demon (My Beloved Series) by #PerciTBrooks


My Beloved Demon (My Beloved Series)

Publication Date: March 27, 2018



My Beloved Demon (Book 1 in the My Beloved Series) by: Perci T. Brooks. Trapped into a life of debauchery, Mika, a half incubus/half vampire hybrid has only known humiliation and pain at the hands of his master, a powerful warlock named Douché. He will use any means necessary to keep Mika under control.
Shrouded in mystery, Echo Delgado has kept a close eye on Mika for years. Revelations and confrontations loom high on the horizon, threatening more than one soul. Timing is everything and this master vampire is far wilier than the demented wizard. But will he act in time to rescue his own destiny?

Alliances are formed, enemies abound and more often than not, it’s better to choose the evil known rather than risk a loose hand on a game entirely stacked in another’s favor. Pain, pleasure, humiliation and salvation can be found in the least likely places, but nothing is free. Is freedom worth another’s life, another’s heart?

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