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A Kiss at Sunset (US Park Ranger Series) by # JudyKentrus


A Kiss at Sunset (US Park Ranger Series)

Publication Date: April 15, 2018

Cameron MacGregor’s lifelong dream was to become a US park ranger. In school, she’d earned the nickname Paula Bunyan. She knew more about the ecosystem of the forest than her teachers. Raised by her grandfather from the time she was nine years old, she’d come to appreciate the beauty and wonder of nature in the Alleghany Mountains of Pennsylvania.
Only one boy looked beyond the un-female personage and saw the warmhearted, sweet girl she kept hidden from her classmates. Now, after twenty years, he’s come back home to Laurel Heights. She’s well trained and devoted her life to the job she loves, but is hesitant to act on the feelings she’s harbored for Treig Taylor since high school. Could she risk him finding out about the secrets and guilt she’s harbored all these years?

Treig John Taylor hadn’t a clue what it was like to live a “normal” life. For the past eighteen years, he’s worked undercover, associating with the slime of the earth. Darkness had grown inside him and he didn’t know how to stop it from festering.
His best friend and boss brings TJ in to save himself and offers Treig a job as head of security for the Laurel Heights Inn. He’s reluctant at first but accepts the position for six months. There’s more to the “temp” job than he anticipated, including getting reacquainted with US Park Ranger Cameron MacGregor.
The woman was heart-stopping beautiful, but a whole different class. Inside he was tainted and not worthy of her. He hadn’t associated with a nice woman who wasn’t part of an assignment, in a long time. Could he climb out of the darkness and turn his life around?
No matter what TJ does to try and live a normal life, someone from his past comes back, seeking revenge in a way he never saw coming.


IT’S LAUNCH DAY! Ever been to a national park? Find out what a park ranger’s job is really like.

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