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Apr 18 Lisa Oliver

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My name is Lisa Oliver and welcome to my Amazon Author page. I have been writing gay erotic romances for just over three years now, and absolutely love my characters and the wonderful readers who support me.
My current series include:
The Cloverleah Pack
Stockton Wolves
Bound and Bonded (now finished with six books)
Alpha and Omega
Shifter’s Uprising (With my son Thomas J. Oliver)
The Gods Made Me Do It (a Cloverleah pack spin off series)
and under the pen name Lee Oliver:
Northern States Pack
As you can guess I love men who love men, vampires, shifters, Fae and the true mate trope. In every book I ensure there is no cheating, and there is an HEA – every one of my books can be read as standalone. In my head two (or three) men may be mates, but it takes a special kind of journey to find love, and that is the ambition I have for every single one of my MCs.
Latest Release:
Fagin’s Folly (Alpha and Omega Series Book 6)
by #LisaOliver
Publication Date: April 27, 2018
Can be Read as Standalone.
Fagin Mars, alpha-heir of his father’s pack, had two possible life paths. On the one hand, he could do what his father demanded; mate with a female wolf shifter and take over the pack or…something else entirely. Fagin was opting for option two. After a terse exchange with his father, Fagin gets permission to go on a road trip for thirty days. He wants to find his true mate. It shouldn’t be that hard, should it?
Cooper Samuels stayed well away from wolf packs. As an omega, he knew the terrors he’d have to face if he ever got caught in pack territory. Which is why he worked for a human accounting services firm and never told anyone about the furry side of his nature. That was, until he went to meet a prospective new client as a biker bar called Fagin’s Folly. He should’ve known his life was going to change the moment someone barrelled into him and knocked him over.
But just because the Fates stepped in and put these two men on the same path, didn’t mean the journey was going to be easy. Things aren’t all as they seem in Fagin’s home pack and things turn nasty after a night on the town. Kidnappings, challenges and the archaic notions many shifters believed about omega wolves was enough for Fagin to consider handcuffs and not the kinky kind. Will Fagin have to give up his mate so soon after finding him, just to ensure his mate’s safety?
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