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Lacy LeRoch

Deception – 💫⭐️Coming soon 💫💫
Book 5
Kelan was nothing but a lost memory floating on the breeze. His name was whispered in fear from the young children who had heard his story. But none of it was true. It was all a lie, a deception made up by the High Grand Lord of the Judadic Council, McKinley. He was sent to live with the Buzzock and leak back information. He’d been doing this for years until he found out everyone thought the worst of him.
The last straw was when he realized he now had three little sisters. For years he thought it was just him and Jay. His brother was a member of the Judadic Council and would be able to handle any threat that came his way. But his little sisters were a different story. He could no longer sit back and pretend to be the very thing he fought his whole life to rid the world of.
He had done his duty. It was time to come home to his family. The bond he shared with Jay told him his brother needed his help more than ever before. The Council would just have to deal with the fall out of his return.
What happens when Kelan comes home to find out no one knew he was just a spy?
Cover by Tracey Soxie Weston


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