The Omega’s Challenge (Roselake Book 1) by #ColbieDunbar


The Omega’s Challenge (Roselake Book 1)

Publication Date: March 15, 2018
How can an alpha who can’t commit and an omega whose problems are about to catch up with him spend a weekend together without someone getting hurt?

Liam is running from his past but intends on winning the St Patrick’s Day treasure hunt and spending a few days at a spa. He’s away from Roselake most of the year and wants to unwind in the forest retreat.

But a shrewd omega spoils his plans. Jake is a recent arrival in Roselake and he’s hoping to escape for the weekend. Hiding in a hotel in the woods is what he needs to keep out of sight.

With the pair bickering over the prize, the alpha is incensed that he has to share and the exasperated omega isn’t sure how he’s going to survive the weekend.

As the mismatched pair are forced into one another’s company, Liam’s gruff exterior pushes Jake away while the omega uses sarcasm to hide his pain – and irritate the alpha.

But plans have a way of going awry. And as the pair struggle with both their past and each other, they are pushed together by an unsuspecting masseur and an unfortunate accident.

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