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All About Sawyer (He’s The One Series Book 1) by #MarissaHolt


All About Sawyer (He’s The One Series Book 1)

Publication Date: March 11, 2018

Given a second chance…would you make your ultimate fantasy a reality?


Kace McGinnis spent the last four years trying to forget everything about his previous life in a small Alabama town… everything except his high school infatuation – Sawyer Jensen. If Sawyer didn’t know who Kace was then, Kace definitely knew Sawyer: gorgeous, honor student, gymnastic enigma, and star football player. A boy Kace wouldn’t dare dream he’d ever have. The guys Kace now met in the big city were okay, but they weren’t Sawyer. Nothing like Sawyer.

At least until Kace stepped into Steam, Atlanta’s hottest male strip club, discovering the star entertainer looked almost like Sawyer. A little too much like him. But tattooed bad boy strippers were a definite no no on Kace’s check list of compatible guys. However, Kace might have to rethink his strict rules when Sawyer pursues him…and Kace finds himself growing totally infatuated again with the one guy he always wanted.


Demanding pressure caused golden boy, Sawyer Jensen, to rebel against everything he was raised to be after graduating high school. Using his good looks and muscled physique, he pursued an exciting life as a male stripper. Coaxed into taking a job at Steam in Atlanta as the main attraction, Sawyer is soon intrigued by a shy-cutie that looks familiar. Sawyer pursues Kace and contemplates more in life than just random hookups…unaware of Kace’s past super-secret high school crush.

When four years of suppressed hidden passion explodes, Kace faces increasing obstacles that threaten to destroy his one chance at finally landing his ultimate dream man.


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