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Apr 20 L Ann Marie

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L. Ann Marie began her literary career with The Baxters and is now working on her fourth series, The Protectors. While her books feature ex-SEALs and Badass Bikers, she is also focused on the strong women these men need to help right the world’s wrongs and keep their small part of the world safe. These women are extraordinary, strong, and determined to make a difference.
L. Ann has created an amazing Club, tackled the taboo subjects, and made it easy to imagine living in a world where your protection comes from ex-SEALs and Bikers.
Yes, they kill people. Yes, they shoot at the bad guys’ feet to cause them pain. Yes, they throw tampons at each other regularly. That being said, these men do these things while stopping human trafficking, bringing their Club into legitimate businesses, fighting gangs to keep drugs away from their town and children, all while keeping women sheltered safely and trying to stop domestic abuse.
These are the kind of men that don’t leave a Brother behind. They don’t treat women as possessions and they don’t cheat. Respect takes on an honorable meaning. Women and kids are cherished and everyone is looked out for and everyone is equal.
With so many readers commenting about rereading the series over and over, L. Ann Marie feels like she’s told her characters’ stories in a way that would make them proud.
Every book will make you laugh, make you cry, and make you angry at the injustices of the world. However, every book will also give you hope that we may just get it right yet.
Saber’s Porthos: Book Two (The Providence Series)
by #LAnnMarie
Publication Date: March 15, 2018
#KU #ActionAdventure
Continuing our Series,
Former Green Beret turned FBI Tactical Commander Joshua Wheeler is a Man Eater trained as a killing machine for those jobs the government doesn’t acknowledge. Wheeler brings something different into our new EROP office and everyone notices but him.
Following orders is all he knows. He doesn’t need opinions muddying up the waters. His new job and family are more than he’d hoped for and after a year of acclimation, he’s ready to find his woman. Another job that he plans on succeeding at.
Kimberly is in trouble. She just doesn’t know it. If it’s not terrorists, the CIA or FBI, it’s Wheeler. A lying ex made her life a whining country song. She’s playing it straight and hoping for the best.
Bombs, overseas Ops and new players are added to our growing cast. Come see how the golden girls are growing too. The FBI’s Enhanced Resident Office of Providence is waiting for you.
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