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Against All Odds (Love By The Lake Book 1) by #PrestonWalker & #LiamKingsley


Against All Odds (Love By The Lake Book 1)

Publication Date: April 13, 2018
Fate wants them together. Life is keeping them apart.

The position of Alpha wolf Nashoba is being pushed upon him, but he’s not sure if he’s the right alpha for the job. He’s lost a lot, and loneliness slowly eats at him, until one day something feels terribly wrong. His unknown mate is in trouble.

Chase is little more than a slave, trapped within a pack that uses omegas only for daily chores and breeding. He’s the only male omega to not be executed at birth for the last three decades, thanks only to his mother’s pleas for mercy.

The fates are doing everything in their power to bring these destined mates together. What struggles will they have to go through just to find one another? And what sort of trouble has Nashoba’s hair standing on end?

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Whatever it Takes (Healing Hearts book 3) by #LauraFarr


Whatever it Takes (Healing Hearts book 3)

Publication Date: May 24, 2018

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Whatever It Takes, Book 3 in the Healing Hearts Series.

Stand-alone within the series.

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UK – http://amzn.eu/aGmTHR9
US – http://a.co/1SRFDSN
CA – http://a.co/iVh9wPw

Release date 24th May


When Quinn Montgomery leaves the horrors of her past behind her, she never expects to run straight into the arms of a blue-eyed cowboy. Sneaking into the stables and getting caught in a life-threatening fire was never part of the plan. And neither was falling in love with the man who saved her life, Brody Parker.

The two share an undeniable connection, and slowly Quinn begins to open up about her past. Putting her trust in the wrong person has burned her before, so when Brody asks her to stay at the ranch, she can’t help but wonder if she’s about to make another bad decision by staying. A decision that could hurt everyone she’s come to care for.

Will Quinn choose to run from the past that threatens to catch up with her? Or will she stay and fight, sacrificing whatever it takes for the man who sets her heart on fire?

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Hunters of the Gods 5: The Countdown by #DixieLynnDwyer


Hunters of the Gods 5: The Countdown

Publication Date: April 3, 2018
Alusia was on a mission of revenge when fate stepped in, revealing her mates as well as redirecting her destiny. The powers of the gods are strong, just as they have been revealed to her friends, but finally she is seeing the purpose to her life and all she has to offer, with the powers hidden within. Finding her mates and securing the bond helps Alusia to find her way as a warrior, as a witch, as a wolf, and as a woman destined for greatness. Her battle is a dangerous one, but ultimately it will prepare her for the war she will embark on alongside friends that have become her family

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The Carrero Heart ~ Happy Ever Afters: Arrick & Sophie (The Carrero Series Book 6) by #LTMarshall


The Carrero Heart ~ Happy Ever Afters: Arrick & Sophie (The Carrero Series Book 6)

Publication Date: April 20, 2018

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💛The Carrero Heart – Happy Ever Afters💛
by L.T.Marshall
(book 6 in the popular Carrero Series)

•*•Available for purchase from 20th April 2018•*•

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Sophie Huntsberger and Arrick Carrero start their new life in France, where Sophie hopes to follow her dream and finish her term in the Paris Fashion Academy. Everything seems too good to be true and a happy ever after is clearly on the cards for our best friend duo – or is it?

Unforeseen long separations, conflicts from fellow students who see Sophie as a threat – being cut off from family and friends half way across the world, all take a toll on the besotted couple.

Unravelling threads faster than Sophie can sew them back together. Life takes a drastic turn when the unexpected happens and tests the strength of their love.

She will have to choose between her dreams and her heart

••Author Links••
Amazon author page – Author.to/LTMarshall
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/LTMarshallauthor
Twitter – https://twitter.com/LMarshallAuthor
Tumblr – https://www.tumblr.com/blog/ltmarshall

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Omega Sacrifice (Pine Creek Lake Den Book 2) by #QuinnMichaels


 Omega Sacrifice (Pine Creek Lake Den Book 2)

Publication Date: February 18, 2018

One is ruthless. One is deceived. One will win.

An alpha of the Pine Creek Lake pack killed Devon’s father. But when Devon discovers his true mate amongst his enemies, will a forbidden love force Devon to choose between his pack and his heart?

Seeing the love of his life choose another, Zeke faces a bleak future as an omega with no hope of a mate. But when he stumbles into the arms of a strange and handsome alpha, is this a second chance for a happy ending? Or will he be cast aside…again?

Star-crossed mates must make the ultimate sacrifice to save each other.

Omega Sacrifice is a fast-paced, satisfying mpreg omega werewolf romance that will leave you hot and bothered with a happily ever after to melt your heart.

Short. Sweet. Steamy. No Cliffhanger.


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Love’s Bitter Harvest: Romance – The Ward Way by #JasTWard


Love’s Bitter Harvest: Romance – The Ward Way

Love’s Bitter Harvest by Jas T. Ward


Welcome to McCall Farm, where two hearts harvested love and then life made its fruits bitter.

High school sweethearts Matt and Katy McCall fell in love behind the bleachers with a kiss. Life was easy and happy until Katy is offered a job across the country and Matt refuses to give up his family’s generational farm. They painfully part—one due to stubbornness and the other ambition. Years go by and the rift widens until tragedy brings Katy back home to the farm. And the man who still held her heart.

But home is not the same and neither is the man she left behind. Matt is on the brink of losing the precious farm, he’s angry at life and the tragedy has left him feeling like half a man. The last person Matt wants to see is the woman that left him for a career he believed mattered to her more than he did. And gutted his heart on the way out.

Jas T. Ward Author Page – https://www.facebook.com/AuthorJasTWard

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Rising Tide: A Changing Tides Novel (The Changing Tides Trilogy Book 1) by #BryceWinters


Rising Tide: A Changing Tides Novel (The Changing Tides Trilogy Book 1)

Publication Date: April 9, 2018
The rising tide brings storms…Harris Brewer has seen it all – and cut it open. As a cardiac surgeon, he’s used to challenges, used to surprises. But when he’s slapped with a high-profile malpractice suit the last thing he expects is to get shipped off to a tiny Oregon town to ‘let the lawyers handle it.’ Then he sees a big blond hunk jogging down the street and realizes that maybe a hot vacation fling is just what the doctor ordered…

The rising tide brings change…

Never get involved with a tourist. That’s been Reid Colburn’s policy and it’s served him well. They come, bring their money, and leave. That’s good enough for his restaurant business – and his heart. But this new guy in town, he’s something else. Reid can’t deny enjoying the relentless flirting. Too bad Dr. Stud is just passing through…

The rising tide erodes the past…

Despite being careful to avoid it, Reid finds himself on the brink of falling in love. They both knew this was a temporary thing, so why does it hurt so bad when Harris going back to Los Angeles becomes the inevitable reality? Maybe Reid shouldn’t be fighting against the tide. Maybe he should just ride this stormy affair to wherever it leads…

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Alpha’s Choice (Indigo Mountain Pack Book 4) by #HawkeOakley


Alpha’s Choice (Indigo Mountain Pack Book 4)

Publication Date: April 11, 2018

David is a broken alpha. When his mate was kidnapped years ago during the war, his life turned upside down. David knew in his heart that his lover was dead. Now a cold-hearted and pessimistic man, the only thing David has are his close friends in the pack. But during a heated fight between Indigo Mountain and Scarlet Ridge, the alpha of the enemy pack drops a bombshell on David.

His mate is still alive. The catch? To see his beloved again, David must join the enemy – and that’s exactly what he does. David will do anything to see his mate again. But when they finally reunite, David’s heart shatters.

Niko doesn’t remember him.

Alpha’s Choice is a 33k word second-chance story with steamy scenes, a HEA, and no cliffhangers. It is the fourth book in the Indigo Mountain pack series and can be read as a standalone, but is best enjoyed in series order.


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The Kiss of Death (Demons’ Muse Book 1) by #AurynHadley


The Kiss of Death (Demons’ Muse Book 1)

Publication Date: March 10, 2018
I always imagined Death’s final kiss would be cold. It wasn’t.

Four years later, I can still remember the exact shade of his skin: a blue so pale it looked like moonlight. I dream of his touch. Mostly, I paint the man under the heavy cowl, including those perfect lips which ruined mine for anyone else.

I’m obsessed with him.

The doctors say he’s nothing more than a hallucination caused by a mixture of head trauma and emergency pain medications. I think he’s a really sexy figment of my imagination. I mean, who besides an artist would dream up the Grim Reaper for their hero?

Now, something’s changed and my drawings are taking on a life of their own. As if college wasn’t hard enough, trying to keep this a secret is going to be impossible. Keeping my sanity might be worse. And that’s not the worst of my problems.

Death is back.
He wants another kiss.
And he’s not alone.

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