Arctic Heat 1: Northern Lights by #NickKove


Arctic Heat 1: Northern Lights

Publication Date: January 25, 2018

It was supposed to be a three-week holiday—but it turned into so much more.

Arctic Heat: Book One

An arctic wasteland is not my idea of a holiday destination. If I ever want to see my best friend again, however, it’s where I have to go. With shit-all to do, I didn’t think the holiday would bear repeating anytime soon… but I hadn’t expected Jonathan.

He’s direct, rude, and I know I get on his nerves—but not enough for him not to jump into bed with me. It was supposed to just be a bit of fun to make time pass, but it turns into so much more.

I’ve got a life to get back to though, and he’s got a business to run. This isn’t going to end well. How could it?

This book is part of a 6-part series and should be read in order.

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