Bitten Hard by #FelFern



AVAILABLE: Thursday, May 3rd

Lance is the Beta, the second most powerful werewolf in the Devil Hills wolf pack for a reason. He’s logical and level-headed in intense situations, except when it comes to his mate. His heart tore in half when he thought he lost Joey. When Lance comes face-to-face with his lost lover, all he sees is betrayal and rage.

Five years ago, Joey took his sister and fled after their old pack was massacred by paranormal-hating humans. His one regret was leaving Lance. Joey’s sole focus was survival, even if that meant lying his way inside the lands where Lance is second only to the Alpha.

Joey knows he has a long way to go to make amends. But will the man who always owed his body and his heart, give him a another chance to redeem himself?


#SaturdayShare 231




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