Caribbean Caress (Under the Caribbean Sun Book 1) by #JennaBayleyBurke


Caribbean Caress (Under the Caribbean Sun Book 1)

#KU #Romance

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Caribbean Caress

by Jenna Bayley-Burke

Only .99 & Available on Kindle Unlimited 

Her touch is his greatest temptation

Overwhelmed by her sudden success, Saskia Vandroegenberg decides to shore up her confidence with a surprise visit to her father on the Caribbean island she grew up on, Anguilla. But her impulsive plan has unexpected results. Her father is away on business and his partner turns out to be none other than her first crush.

Joe Prinsen knows the only reason Saskia has returned after eight years away is to ask for money. After all, Dutch had to refuse her mother just two weeks ago. Joe thinks of the man as a father-figure, and he knows Dutch seeing his daughter would mean the world to him. But if she’s only after cash, Joe can’t have her finding out that her father lost everything after the last hurricane devastated the island.

Joe has the noblest of intentions, but Sassy undoes every one until there is nothing between them but water. No matter how steamy the sex or how deep their connection, she’s leaving on Christmas Day. He asks her to return, but when she finds out the truth, will she be willing to forgive all he’s hidden?


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