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Hard Choices (Blood Brothers #6) by #MandaMellett


Hard Choices (Blood Brothers #6)

Publication Date: April 30, 2018
★✩★ Hot New Release ★✩★

Hard Choices (Blood Brothers #6)

By Manda Mellett

Available on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2HoVrOm

As the youngest sister of the ruling sheikhs of Amahad my life has no significance except eventually I’ll be expected to make a political marriage. 

To avoid my fate, I’ve stayed away from the country of my birth and remained forgotten until it appears someone is looking too closely into my life. As a princess, I’m a target for kidnap.

To ensure my protection I reluctantly return to Amahad, but immediately fall into the hands of a cruel terrorist. I didn’t expect to be equally attracted to the three men who come to my rescue.

One I know immediately is submissive, perhaps a yin to my yang as I’m a Domme. Another himself a Dom and while life with him would be fun, it would be a constant battle for control. The third is a man who doesn’t label himself, but dominance pours out of every pore.

Rami, Hunter, and Rais. Three men who want me. Three men who vow to protect me. Three men who I want. Three men who each desire to fulfill all my erotic fantasies.

Spoilt for choice as I’m thrown into a world of violence and terror, each will demonstrate why they are the man for me. 

Available on KU April 30th



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