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Clipped Wings


Title: Clipped Wings

Series: Kings MC Romance #2

Author: Betty Shreffler
Genre: Standalone MC Romance
Release Date: April 27, 2018
They call me the Devil’s assassin. It’s true. I have blood on my hands.
As the VP of the Serpents, my life is driven by loyalty, honor,
Until I see her.
Too young, too innocent. Mine to claim.
What I am, what I do, can never reach her. My dark secrets are scars I
bear alone.
I’m torn between my duties and the woman I’ll die to protect.
Until…they try to take what’s mine.



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THE CLUBHOUSE IS buzzing with life tonight. Every member and
their ol’ lady came out for the cage fight. No other MC members are allowed on
a night like this. It’s in-house and exclusive. Keeps the outcome private and
the bruised egos of the losers contained. I plan on bruising more than their
egos. I want them carried out on a fucking stretcher.
These men aren’t my brothers. They don’t know loyalty,
honor, or respect the patch and the brotherhood it stands for. They’re weak
men. Men who get off on torturing and raping a woman who couldn’t defend
herself against them. I don’t see them as equals. I’ll never see them as
Through the church room is another set of double doors. This
is where we have our fight cage and private bar. Wooden benches line two walls,
the cage taking up the other two. Between the benches and the fight cage are
high top and low top tables with bar stools and chairs. Every seat is filled
and the liquor is pouring heavily. A few bucks make their rounds on who’s going
to win the fight. It’s fun play for my brothers, but for me, tonight is about
so much more.
Lighting dim, it makes the blood stains on the cage mat
harder to see, but it’s there as a lingering memory of previous fights. Fights
I’ve been a part of. Blood I’ve contributed myself. You don’t last in the
Serpents as long as I have without shedding some.
Across the cage, between the bars, I can see Drake and Levi
getting themselves worked up for the fight. A slap to the face, some words for
courage, a shot glass thrown back. Next to me are Mercy, John, Tex and RJ, some
of my closest brothers. Mercy slaps my bare back and hands me a shot.
“Fuck ‘em up.”
With the shot thrown back, I bob my head. Shirt in my hands,
I pull it over my head and toss it on a chair. Reaching into my pocket, I
retrieve the brass knuckles I brought. That’s an advantage with the cage
fights—there are no rules.
Christian opens the cage door and dips his head, indicating
Drake and Levi need to enter. Shirts off and in their jeans, they go into the
cage, bouncing on the tips of their feet. They’re wired and ready, probably
high on coke too. Another advantage for me. With intent steps, I flex my
muscles and give Christian a hard stare as I enter the cage.
The door locks behind us and I measure my opponents. Levi is
tall and gangly, has speed, but will easily be put off balance. Drake has
muscles, a solid core, slightly shorter than I am, but he always steps before
he punches. It’s been engrained in me to study the way every man I know fights,
especially the ones closest to you.
Bloodshot eyes and their hyper energy are telltale signs
they’re high. The corner of my mouth raises when the circling starts. They’ll
come at me together at first, in hopes to overpower me, wear me down. Then once
I’m tired, they’ll split up and go for individual attacks to give themselves
breaks and ensure I remain exhausted. They’re dumb fucks if they think the
fight will last that long.
They both charge and I slam into Levi. Hand to his throat, I
ram him into the cage bars, knocking the wind out of him. Grip tight on his
throat, I bring the brass knuckles down on his face. Blood spurts from his
nose, then again from his busted lips.
“Fuuuck!” the word roars from my chest.
The cold steal slices across the lower left side of my back.
Enraged, I turn on Drake and see him holding the bloody switchblade.
If blood is what they want, blood is what I’ll give them.
Fast hand to his wrist, I wrap my elbow around his arm and
kick his leg out from under him. The blade drops and I flip him over slamming
him to the ground. No hesitation, I snatch the blade and whip it across his
cheek. Blood pours from the thin, neat cut. Flicking the blade into my other
hand, I nail it into his thigh.
With the painkiller effects of the coke running through his
system, he bellows from the wound, but still has a lot of fight. Seeing Levi
come at me with a set of spiked knuckles, I get one brass-knuckled punch to
Drake’s face before I duck and roll, dodging the swing of Levi’s arm.
Quick on my feet, I feel the warmth of my own blood running
down my skin on the inside of my jeans. That’s gonna need stitches. I need to
move fast before I lose too much blood. Drake pulls the blade from his thigh
and limps to his feet, holding the bars of the cage.
Circling one another, the crowd is alive with energy, screaming
and hollering inaudible words at us. They’re hungry for more.
Waving my fingers, I encourage their attack. Levi’s got good
legs, so he comes at me first. With an uppercut of the brass knuckles, he lands
on his back. One hard boot to his face and he’s lights out.
Drake circles me, blade in hand. With a fast swing, he
grazes my arm, slicing it enough to make me bleed, but not enough to make me
give a fuck. The fresh scent of copper fills my nostrils. Crimson red covers
Drake’s face and stains his jeans. Watching his feet, he lunges again, and I
grab his hand, lock onto it, turn inside his arm and elbow his face, breaking
his nose. Pulling his hand backward, the blade drops. With one swift turn, I
put brass to bone, knocking him on his ass.
I only stop when I see his eyelids. He’s out cold, and I
heave a breath, controlling my fury before I murder him here in front of
everyone. Rising to my feet, I pull the brass knuckles from my bloodied hand.
The cage door opens for me, and I step out to hoots, hollers, pats on the back,
and shots shoved into my hands. I down two for the pain.
All the faces are an adrenaline pumping blur until I see
her—my Sparrow. Running to me, I enfold her in my arms, kissing her hard and
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Author Bio
Betty Shreffler is a
bestselling author of paranormal romantic suspense and contemporary
romance. She writes sexy and suspenseful stories with hot alphas and
kickass heroines with twists you don’t expect. She also writes beautiful and
sexy romances with tough women and their journeys at finding love. Betty is a
mix of country, nerdy, sassy, sweet and a whole lot of sense of humor. She’s a
fan of photography, reading, watching movies, hiking, traveling, drinking wine,
and all things romantic. She lives with her amazing hubs and five fur babies.
If she’s not writing or doing book events, then you can find her behind the
lens of a camera, in the woods, or sipping wine behind a deliciously steamy
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I Dare You



Title: I Dare You
Author: Shantel Tessier
Genre: Sports Romance/Suspense

Release Date: April 27, 2018
What do you do
when the devil has you in his sights?
You show him that you can play his game.

Austin Lowes is new to town. She’s running from a mom who hates her to her dad
who cares nothing about her. Only a few months and she will be free, or at
least, that’s what she hopes … until she meets him.

Cole Reynolds is the devil disguised as a man. He wants her fear, he wants her
blood, and he wants her soul.

Just a little game, he says, I dare you.

Will Austin survive him, or will she lose herself and the game?

Secrets are revealed and justice will be served, but at what cost?

Who survives and who doesn’t?


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“Why am I here?” I ask, wanting to get this over
Cole takes the bottle from my hand and brings it
to his lips, taking a big gulp. His Adam’s apple working as he swallows.
I cross my arms over my chest, trying to look
unaffected. But I’m having trouble breathing.
“We’ve been thinking …” he says, rubbing his chin.
“We want you to be a part of our group,” Deke
finishes his sentence.
I look among the five of them and start laughing
nervously. “You’re joking, right?”
“Not one bit,” Deke says, shaking his head.
“No thanks,” I say and turn to the door. I twist
the handle and start to pull it open, but a hand slaps on the door above my
head, holding it shut.
I jump back to look at Cole. He leans against it
casually, getting comfortable and blocking my only exit. “It wasn’t an offer,
My eyes narrow on him. “What makes you think I
want anything to do with you guys?”
“Deke,” Cole says, lifting the bottle to his lips
I spin around to see Deke step up to us, his phone
in his hand facing Cole and me. A video plays, and it’s of me driving Cole’s
car away from the warehouse after he stole the red car.
“How did you get that?” I demand.
He just chuckles, placing the phone in his pocket.
“I don’t kiss and tell, baby.”
My eyes narrow on him calling me baby. I turn back to face Cole. “You’re
blackmailing me. Again.”
He shrugs carelessly. “You can call it whatever
you want.”
“I’m calling it what it is,” I snap. “You know
damn well that I had no idea what you had planned.”
He pushes off the wall and leans down, his face
inches from mine. I can smell the cinnamon on his lips and can’t help the
shudder that runs through me. “I dare you to prove it.”
“You son of a—”
“In order to join,” Deke interrupts me, “you have
to pass a test.” He crosses his arms over his broad chest.
“I’m not interested …”
“Initiation,” he corrects himself.
“I don’t want to be involved with whatever
fucked-up shit you guys are in.” How many
different ways do I have to say it?
“Let her out,” Kellan says, but no one listens to
Deke continues. “You have to fuck one of us while
we all watch.”
My heart starts to pound at his words. And my eyes
widen when he takes a step toward me.
This is a joke. It has to be.
He arches a brow in challenge when I just stand
there staring at him. “You want me, baby? I’m ready.” He licks his lips as his
blue eyes settle on my legs. Then he reaches down to his jeans and unbuttons
My eyes immediately shoot to Cole.
His eyes hold their usual anger as they glare down
at me, but a slow, devious smile spreads across his face, and the guys start
laughing. “Well, there’s your answer, man,” one of them calls out from behind
My jaw tightens. “I don’t want to …”
“Leave us,” Cole orders, interrupting me. And like
the trained sheep they are, they all walk out. I can still hear their laughter
as they walk down the hall, the door slowly shutting behind them.
I plop down on one of the lounge chairs, trying to
slow my racing heart. “You can’t force my hand, Cole. Not with this.”
He walks over to where I sit. Reaching out, he
runs his busted knuckles along my cheek. I swat his hand away, afraid of what
will come out of my mouth if he touches me.
His hand grips my hair and yanks me to stand. I
cry out as he shoves my back
against the closed door. He towers over me,
pushing his body into mine. I’m panting while he holds me still. He dips his
head to whisper in my ear. “Are you a virgin, Austin?”
“No,” I growl. My hands come up to push him off
me, but he grabs them and pins them above my head. I whimper, and my thighs
“That’s a shame.” He sighs, and his breath skims
across my skin making me shudder. “I like to take pretty, innocent things and
destroy them.”
“You’re sick,” I say, panting.
He chuckles but doesn’t deny it. “But that doesn’t
make you want me any less. I saw the way you stared at me in the car. The way
you licked your lips when I thought about kissing you. The way you whispered my
name. How you stared at me when I got out of the pool. And let’s not forget the
way you allowed me to touch you last night. Tell me, were you disappointed when
I didn’t throw you on the bed and fuck you right then?” I moan. “I bet you’re
wet right now.”
“Cole,” I growl his name, not wanting him to see
how right he is.
But he ignores my warning. “You wore red for me
again, sweetheart. You wanted my attention, and you got it. Now what are you
gonna do with it?”
Author Bio
Shantel is a Texas born girl who now lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma with her high
school sweetheart, who is a wonderful, supportive husband and their two
daughters. She loves to spend time cuddled up on the couch with a good book.

She considers herself extremely lucky to get to be
a stay at home wife and mother. Going to concerts and the movies are just a few
of her favorite things to do. She hates coffee, but loves wine. She and her
husband are both huge football fans, college and NFL. And she has to feed her
high heel addiction by shopping for shoes weekly.

Although she has a passion to write, her family is
most important to her. She loves spending evenings at home with her husband and
daughters, along with their cat and dog.
Make sure to follow her on all social media sites!



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Title: Tantrum
A Kenshaw Ranch Novel
Author: Piper Frost
Genre: Western Romance
Release Date: April 27, 2018



My luck’s never been the best when it comes to anything
other than women. Hell, even women deal me a bad hand every now and then. Like
the time I slept with my boss’s wife. That was my last day of employment in Sin

I’m Chase Haring and if you ask my friends they’ll tell you
I don’t have the best track record. 
Now that I’m back, I’m taking it in stride. I’ve got my
tattoo shop. I’ve got the bar. And I’ve had damn near any woman I wanted in
this small town. That means I want out of here for good. 
When a smiling redhead walks into the bar, I know I
definitely haven’t had her.
This town doesn’t create people like her. 
One sexy night in a haunted house is all it takes. And now
we’re inseparable and thoughts of leaving for good become less
She’s what I need in my life.  
Positive. Refreshing.
Interest moves to lust and straight to love before anyone
expects it. Before I even get to know any layer but the happy-go-lucky girl she
lets everyone see. She’s refusing to let the negative world get to her. She’s
also refusing to forget the saying ‘everything happens for a reason’. That’s
why when I walk away, she watches me go without a blink of an eye.  
I’m good at a tantrum, especially when you rip up my heart
like only she’s capable of doing. I’m bad at figuring out how to move on,
especially when it’s Kaydence I have to move on from.


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Free in Kindle Unlimited



Author Bio
Thelma and Louise. Boris and Natasha. H.Q. Frost and M. Piper. When these
two teamed up to form Piper Frost, they never knew how amazing it would be
working together to create wonderful masterpieces of joy, tears, humor, and
heartbreak. Piper’s favorite part about Frost? The fact that she puts up with
her. Period. Also the fact that she makes her writing better every damn time.
She’s friggin’ brilliant. Frosts favorite thing about Piper? Frost loves the
fact that when they get together to create it becomes a tornado of brilliance
that Frost couldn’t be more grateful to be caught up in with Piper. Piper’s
artistic abilities and mad skills make Frost so proud to be associated with her
(it makes her look good too). Also if Piper didn’t adult for the both of them,
not much would get done.

What they both know as true, however, is that creating babies together
has been the best adventure either of them has ever been on.


Author Links
Piper Frost


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‘Stud’, book 2 in ML Nystrom’s bestselling Dragon Runners series, releases June 23rd. Preorder now for $1.99!.

Bold and brash, Eva MacAteer has spent her life working in her blue-collar family’s construction business. In doing so, she’s had to fight for her own place away from her overbearing father, as well as for her own identity as a woman. Struggling between her loyalty to her brothers and her desire to strike out to be her own person, Eva knows one thing for certain: getting involved with a womanizer, no matter how hot he may be, is not the path for her.

Stud is not one to be tied down to any woman. Fiercely loyal to the club and his single ways, the last thing he expects is to become fascinated by the fiery Eva. He sees his own life reflected in hers and is not quite sure how to handle the connection.

Can two mismatched people find enough common ground to overcome their fears and allow love to grow?

#Stud_Reveal #MCRomance #MLNystrom #HTPubs #Sale

Amazon links coming soon!

All other links: books2read.com/stud

Add to TBR: goodreads.com/book/show/38663296-stud

Organizer: facebook.com/hottreepromotions

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His to Cherish by #JessiePinkham


Love may be within his reach … if he is able to trust in it.

Gabe Thorne was disgusted by his sister’s plan to purchase an empath. She wanted someone who would be compelled to please her, and only her sudden death interrupted the plan. The empath she’d chosen, Ignacio, needs to bond with an anchor almost immediately, and Gabe volunteers to prevent him from being auctioned off to an abuser by his greedy parents.

Ignacio proves to be a sweet, enchanting guy, and soon Gabe begins to develop real feelings for him. Despite this, and the lifelong commitment he made when he let Ignacio bond to him, Gabe doesn’t believe they can have a real relationship. His long habit of pessimism has protected him from a lot of disappointment over the years. This time? Expecting the worst might ruin any chance of a happy relationship.


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Princess Nevaeh

Princess Nevaeh
by Paulette Harper
Genre: Children’s Picture Book
Six year old Nevaeh wants to be something she already is —a princess.
Do you know a little girl that doesn’t know she is loved or even
beautiful? Do we as parents, grandparents, or guardians reinforce and
give our little ones daily affirmation? Princess Nevaeh, Lessons on
Self-Discovery covers topics that are important not only to parents
but also to our little girls.


Find out how Mimi shares with her granddaughter the things that matter
most. Some of the topics discussed in this book are:
Teaching behavioral skills:
fighting, bullying, listening, and obeying.
Reinforces manners.
Teaches self-worth and values.
Princess Nevaeh, Lessons on Self-Discovery allows caregivers to use this as a
tool to affirm the child, build positive dialogue and to encourage
Beginning her career in 2008, Paulette is an award-winning, bestselling author
and the founder of WNL Coaching and Marketing Services. Along with
being an ordained Elder, she is the author of several books and
founder of Write Now Literary Virtual Book Tours, a service to help
promote authors of the Christian genre and authors of clean books.


As an inspirational and motivational speaker, Elder Paulette’s desire is
to empower, influence and cultivate women to move forward while
dealing with issues that hinder women from becoming all they are
created to be. Her topics are biblically sound and pertinent to the
needs of today’s women. Paulette is a mother, grandmother and Bible
teacher. Paulette has appeared on numerous radio and Television shows.


Combining enthusiasm with an energetic speaking style, audiences describe
Paulette’s presentation as inspiring, enriching and encouraging. She
is committed to speaking a message that is always uplifting and edifying.
As a writing coach, she is the visionary behind her own writing ministry
called “Write Now,” a literary program that specializes in
coaching aspiring writers in the areas of creativity, development,
and publication of Christian books. She provides her listeners with
tools, resources, and opportunities to help them succeed in the
writing business.
Her books have ranked consecutively on the Black Christian Publishers
Bestsellers List for Independent Publishers (non-fiction category).
Follow the tour HERE
for exclusive content and a giveaway!


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Deadly Encounter

Banner 2




Deadly Encounter

Deadly Encounter by K.L. Humphreys

Book 4 in The Deadly Series.

Release Date: May 30th

Add to yout TBR list: http://bit.ly/2F6vAVt



Skye Taylor is broken-hearted and ready to give up on the man she always loved.
Desperate to escape the pain, she goes on the consultant job in London where she reconnects with her sister.Her return to the States is short lived by the shocking news of her sister’s disappearance which takes her back to London in the desperate search to find her sister.
Skye won’t stop until she’s found, no matter the risks and whomever she has to go against.

She is his. Nobody else’s.
Ryder Marshall has loved Skye for years.
But to have her, Ryder has his own demons and ghosts from his past to conquer first; but if there’s one thing Ryder knows is that he will do anything to protect Skye, even if that means protecting her from himself.

Can Ryder find the strength to fight his demons and still get the girl he wants or are the risks too high that neither can win?

***Read the series from the beginning:***

Available on KU

Book 1 – Deadly Hunthttp://a.co/eY4uTEO

Book 2 – Deadly Obsessionhttp://amzn.to/2dkY58V

Book 3 – Deadly Pasthttp://a.co/3BxMFJx

26803196_550164652016700_1915526244_n (1)

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The Officer and the Thief by #GarethVaughn


Companion to The Doctor and the Addict

Benen Trelayne has worked hard to make Assistant Detective by age 27, but protecting the city of Jewylle on Ilben is no easy job. When Benen removes a mysterious puzzle box from a murder scene, he isn’t expecting to have to deal with anything more than cracking the case.

But while attempting to stop a robbery, the curious box is activated, and Benen’s stuck trying to figure his way out of a puzzle spell with only a thief who calls himself Gus for help. Benen is sure Gus knows more about the murder than he’s saying, but can’t arrest him unless they can work together enough to escape.


“This isn’t something you and I can solve stuck in a magical corridor with no exits,” said Benen, peeling himself off the wall and moving toward Gus, who eyed him.

“The magic does not actually care whether we solve the murder, it cares whether we get along. I, however, care if it means I’ll be locked up on exiting.”

“I can’t make promises,” said Benen.

“Of course you can.”

“You’re nobody at the moment. I don’t even have a family name I can wave at Thea. You need influence to get out of shit like what I caught you doing. Don’t — I like the way you scowl.”

Gus raised an eyebrow at him again and Benen grinned at


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The Changing Plans Collection


Audio Buy Links: Audible US | Audible UK
Length: 8hrs 2mins/77,500 words approx.
Narrated By: Charlie David

From EPIC Award winning author and multiple Lambda Finalist L.A. Witt comes the re-release of three hot contemporary novellas — Getting off the Ground, Infinity Pools, and On The List.

After being stood up at the altar, compulsive over-planner Elliott Chandler decides to turn his honeymoon on Oahu into a vacation for one. Fate puts a hitch in his plans, however, when the airport is snowed in and his flight is delayed.

In the terminal, the jilted groom catches the eye of another stranded traveler: the laidback and very sexy Derek Windsor. Derek breaks the ice and strikes up a conversation, and as the temperature drops outside, the heat between them rises. Pity they’re both going to different islands, but if their flight doesn’t get off the ground fast, Mr. Calm-and-Cool may just tempt Mr. Play-It-Safe into doing something reckless.

And that plane isn’t going anywhere any time soon…

April 26 – Queerly Reads, OMG Reads

About The Author

L.A. Witt is an abnormal M/M romance writer who has finally been released from the purgatorial corn maze of Omaha, Nebraska, and now spends her time on the southwestern coast of Spain. In between wondering how she didn’t lose her mind in Omaha, she explores the country with her husband, several clairvoyant hamsters, and an ever-growing herd of rabid plot bunnies. She also has substantially more time on her hands these days, as she has recruited a small army of mercenaries to search South America for her nemesis, romance author Lauren Gallagher, but don’t tell Lauren. And definitely don’t tell Lori A. Witt or Ann Gallagher. Neither of those twits can keep their mouths shut…

Website: http://www.gallagherwitt.com

E-mail: gallagherwitt@gmail.com

Twitter: @GallagherWitt

Blog: http://gallagherwitt.blogspot.com

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