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The Officer and the Thief by #GarethVaughn


Companion to The Doctor and the Addict

Benen Trelayne has worked hard to make Assistant Detective by age 27, but protecting the city of Jewylle on Ilben is no easy job. When Benen removes a mysterious puzzle box from a murder scene, he isn’t expecting to have to deal with anything more than cracking the case.

But while attempting to stop a robbery, the curious box is activated, and Benen’s stuck trying to figure his way out of a puzzle spell with only a thief who calls himself Gus for help. Benen is sure Gus knows more about the murder than he’s saying, but can’t arrest him unless they can work together enough to escape.


“This isn’t something you and I can solve stuck in a magical corridor with no exits,” said Benen, peeling himself off the wall and moving toward Gus, who eyed him.

“The magic does not actually care whether we solve the murder, it cares whether we get along. I, however, care if it means I’ll be locked up on exiting.”

“I can’t make promises,” said Benen.

“Of course you can.”

“You’re nobody at the moment. I don’t even have a family name I can wave at Thea. You need influence to get out of shit like what I caught you doing. Don’t — I like the way you scowl.”

Gus raised an eyebrow at him again and Benen grinned at


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