Flower DOg Man

  Self Help / Non-Fiction Mindfulness, Spirituality, Relationships, Motivation, Personal Growth Date Published: March 2018 Nicolas Copernicus rocked the world in 1543 with his realization that the earth was not the center of the universe. The discovery was especially startling because his pronouncement shattered beliefs, beliefs long held by institutions and individuals the world over. Flower Dog Man can have that same impact as the latest instrument to sever fiction from fact for a desperate global audience; one who simply wants peace. In only 6207 words, Kirk cracks the theological code while bringing the airy notions of spirituality to the … Continue reading Flower DOg Man

Loyal Subjects by Eva Charles

★★★COVER REVEAL★★★ It’s another stunner! Loyal Subjects by Eva Charles releases June 14th.   AND THE COVER IS GORGEOUS!   Cover Design: Sarah Hansen @ OkayCreations.   PRE-ORDER LOYAL SUBJECTS HERE → https://amzn.to/2H0pE19   BLURB:   Allegiance, faithfulness, honor… Loyalty goes by many names.   Emmie Landon is off-limits. She has a young son, works with my brother Jake, and lugs around enough baggage to fill an entire football stadium. But I can’t resist her long, shapely legs and thick, soft curls, begging to be wrapped around my hands.   Mark Harrington is too-everything. Too good looking, too funny, too … Continue reading Loyal Subjects by Eva Charles

Cut Loose

Title: Cut Loose Series: The Sublime Author: Julia Wolf Genre: Rom/Com Release Date: May 31, 2018   He was the worst she ever had, so why can’t she get him out of her head? Francisca Rivera— call her Frannie, please— says what she means and takes what she wants. Six months ago, all it took was one look at James, the gorgeous, bearded man pouring drinks at her favorite bar, and she had to have him in her bed.  To say she had been disappointed would be the biggest understatement in the history of all understatements. James was a no good, … Continue reading Cut Loose


Title: EVOL Author: Cynthia A. Rodriguez Genre: Contemporary Romance Release Date: May 24, 2018 Denise and Gavin are over.  381 days into their love affair, Gavin shut the door and Denise is all alone. At day 380, Denise is trying to figure out how to salvage what’s left of their relationship and by day 200, they are even happier than the day they met; day 1 when Denise knows beginnings are merely endings in disguise. But what doesn’t kill us will break our hearts. Travel back 381 days and bear witness to the goodbye before the hello. Cynthia hates writing her … Continue reading EVOL

Technically Married by N.Franko

☆☆☆ RELEASE BLITZ ☆☆☆ Technically Married by N.Franko is LIVE!! Buy your copy today: https://amzn.to/2Ji9O7f Add to your TBR: https://bit.ly/2IJd0sq Follow N.Franko on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Nfrankowrites/ Sign up to review or help promote: https://goo.gl/forms/mebJdds4ppLvtsfs2 BLURB Their love always sizzled but after a misunderstanding, it suddenly fizzled. What drove them apart might just be what brings them back together again. Max is a good guy. He’s rich, handsome, smart and normal. Things are getting pretty serious between us but there’s a problem—technically, I’m already married to a starving artist rock star wannabe. When my former best friend invited me to her celebrity … Continue reading Technically Married by N.Franko

Love You So Madly

— *´¨) .·´ ¸.·*¨) ¸.·*¨) (¸.·´ (¸.*´ ¸.·´ `·-*Viviana*  Enchantress Design & Promo Publicity/Marketing Director Website: http://www.enchantressdesignandpromo.com FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/EnchantressDesignandPromo Twitter: https://twitter.com/VivianaIzzo Blog: http://vivianaenchantressofbooks.com FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/VivianaEnchantressofBooks Tumblr: http://vivianaizzo.tumblr.com Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/VivianaIzzo Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/8657915-viviana-izzo Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/vivivana_enchantress_of_books/  Continue reading Love You So Madly

Envelop Me

Title: Envelop Me  Author: Dana Arden Genre: Contemporary Romance 18+ Release Date: May 31, 2018 Angel After the death of my parents, I learned life was way shorter than anyone could’ve predicted. I found myself lost in writing my dreams and fantasies down on paper until I published my first book. Then reality smacked me in the face when I caught the one man I’d planned to spend my future with giving his secretary a cavity check. Cue in bat-sh*t crazy girlfriend. When I thought my life was taking a turn, all it took was one phone call to put … Continue reading Envelop Me