Love Lessons: A Gay Romance (Opposites Attract Book 5) by # RomeoAlexander


Love Lessons: A Gay Romance (Opposites Attract Book 5)

Publication Date: April 20, 2018
ack didn’t know what to think when asked to tutor the school’s basketball star. He certainly didn’t expect the lessons he learned…

Despite being at the top of his class, Jack is struggling to choose between a financial career and a more fulfilling job elsewhere. Through a chance encounter with an old professor, he is invited to tutor the school’s star point guard. He knows the extra money would be nice, but he’s thrown for a loop when he finds himself fantasizing that the handsome Peter Wick would offer more than just financial payment for his services.

As the semester progresses, Peter’s grades begin to improve. Late night study sessions soon evolve into much more than just academics, and they soon discover they may have more in common than they thought.

When Peter’s ability to play in the championship game comes into question, Jack realizes his desire to help the dreamy athlete may be about more than just helping him get good grades.

Find out what happens when two strangers find themselves needing each other by picking up your copy now!

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