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The Deal by #ZachJenkins


The Deal

Publication Date: May 2, 2018
Fake marriage with a gay man?

I want to help him out with his money problems, but I’ve burned so many bridges that a marriage is the only way I can get access to my trust fund. So this is just a convenience thing, for both our sakes, and maybe I’ll even learn to settle down and become less of a broken man.

All thoughts of healing fade fast when I see him walk around without his shirt on. All I can think of is whether his skin is as smooth as it looks.

But I’m straight.

Fake marriage with a straight man?

My life is a mess. I’m out of money. My business is failing. My love life is gathering dust. So when he offers to fix both our problems with a phony marriage, it seems the answer to both our prayers. It should shake things up, too.

Yeah. It’s shaking me up all right. Instead of high-fives, his tender touch melts my bitter heart, and releases a powerful need I learned long ago to ignore.

But he’s straight.

When our lips meet, nothing feels fake any more.

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