The Doctor’s Demon Prince (Asphalt Bay Pack Book 5) by #EzraDawn


The Doctor’s Demon Prince (Asphalt Bay Pack Book 5)

Publication Date: May 14, 2018

Pepper “Doc” Gearson is Asphalt Bay’s pack doctor. Don’t laugh at the name. It’ll get you injured. Being over four hundred years old Doc has lost hope of ever finding his fated mate. Until, suddenly the pack is blessed with fated mate pairs once again and his hope rekindles. After several months of no one but the previous Alpha’s sons finding their mates his hope begins to die once more. That is, until fate decides to literally knock him to the ground.

Astaroth is one of the seven demon princes of hell. He presides over 40 legions and doubles as Lucifer’s treasurer. Deciding he’s had enough of politics and the endless paperwork, he goes on vacation. Only, his familiar transports him to the wrong destination. Instead of Tahiti, like he planned he ends up in Asphalt Bay.

Doc can’t believe he’s found his mate. It’s still sinking in. Astaroth is just as shocked. Will these two be able to get past the obstacles suddenly coming their way long enough to claim each other or will the chance clip away?

Asphalt Bay Pack (5 Book Series)


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