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Trapped With Tommy (Royally Gay Book 3) by #AliceBoyce


Trapped With Tommy (Royally Gay Book 3)

Publication Date: April 17, 2018

Two sworn enemies stranded in a mountain cabin face the blizzard of the century.‎

‎ ‎

I’m Prince Thomas to the world, but Tommy to my friends. As an artist, I travel constantly so I’ve got ‎friends here in Raplen and in America. I adore everyone.‎
Except for one person. One man who stole my heart, broke it into a million pieces and walked away without a backward glance. ‎
The thorn in my side. The eternal pain in my buttocks.‎
Evan f*cking Spencer.‎
If I never see his face again, it will be too soon.‎

‎ ‎

Tommy was my first love. And my first mortal enemy. We’re competing for a spot in a highly competitive art ‎show in New York. ‎
What do I need? To win, of course. To beat Tommy. The gorgeous nutcase. The heartless bastard.‎
But first I need to paint a landscape to complete my collection. I don’t want just any landscape painting. I ‎want to capture the beauty of the little cabin in Raplen, the cabin where Tommy and I first touched and ‎kissed.‎
When I’m granted permission from the Queen to use the royal cabin, I set off for a week of painting in ‎paradise.
All I know is Prince Crazy A*s can’t find out I’m here. And that blizzard forecasted for the ‎mountain area… I need it to stay far away from me too.‎

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