Pacific Nights by #LynnLorenz


Pacific Nights

Publication Date: May 8, 2018

At the beginning of WWII in the Pacific, two unlikely heroes are thrown together on a deserted island. Their mission, to intercept Japanese radio transmissions, spot enemy ships and aircraft, and stay alive for three months until their replacements show up.

Sargent Mike Dabrowski is a man forced into this mission—do it or spend the rest of the war in the brig for selling contraband on the black market. He’s the complete opposite of the man he’s been charged to keep alive. Mike is part criminal, part soldier, and a lot rough around the edges, but he’s got the survival skills, and the grit and experience necessary to do the job.

Professor James Hamilton, Ph.D., is an intellectual, a man who can speak Japanese and break codes. He’s also a conscientious objector. His refusal to kill another human has landed him here, putting his skills to good use in the war effort. Until he finds himself alone on an island with what his wealthy family would call “rough trade.”

Together they have to survive, do their jobs, and get along.

But on a steamy deserted island, those Pacific nights can get long, lonely and so so hot.
They’ll make it, but only if they can get past their misconceptions about each other and allow the heat that flows between them to bubble to the surface.

As long as the Japanese don’t find them first.


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