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Play Me


Title: Play Me

Series: Spotlight Collection #1

Author: Cary Hart
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: May 10, 2018

Who will you be when no one is watching… when the
lights go down?

I played because I loved it… it was in my

Now I play because it’s all I have left. And I’m about to chance it all for

When the lights go down, and I step off that stage, will he still want me? When
he finds out who I really am, what I’m not?

Her voice drew me in, her heart is what
makes me want to stay.

Part of me wants to take care of her, the other wants to break down her

I’m not sure I’m ready to risk it all… chasing her down, when I’m struggling
to hold on to the only thing I’ve ever known.




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moment I’m with her she plays on my heart strings, strumming the chords of a
song I desperately want her to sing.
Play me.
I’ve been
so careful to not let our worlds collide. I’ve kept a protective barrier up,
but I can’t help but want to break it back down, busting through the walls to
expose what could be.
I need her,
but taking Ellie would only be selfish, sealing our hearts to a disastrous
fate. And as much as I want to worship every
single inch
of her body, I can’t. I won’t. It would destroy us both.
So, I lay
here, because she asked me for the one thing I couldn’t deny her.
To stay.
Stay and be
the man she needs to me to be.
Support her.
Protect her.
Don’t leave her.
Even if it
destroys me, I will give her this. Not only because she has never felt any of
these things, but because I haven’t either, and just for once, I’m going to
throw all hopes and fears out the window and hold on. Even if it’s just for one
over to my side. I watch the girl who flipped my world upside down with one
little swivel of a stool. Padding across the room in her barely there boy
shorts and tiny tank she leaves nothing to the imagination.
With each
step closer, I find my resolve slipping. The spark within igniting the flame.
Her smile, the fuel.
“Hey.” Her
voice is quiet, but the underlying meaning is heard loud and clear.
“Hi,” I say
as I pull back the covers and she begins to climb in.
She’s lying
on her back, and I know she is wondering what will happen next, but I told her,
warned her, nothing could.
I say the
word over again in my head, reminding myself of the reasons why, but now I’m
wondering if it’s the right thing to
do or am I just running from the truth?
“Look at
She rolls
over to face me, her mouth calling to me.
Her body screaming for me.
For me.
taste—one kiss to punish my memory.
out, I lift her chin and whisper the promise across her lips. “I’m here.”
“You are,”
she agrees, breathing life I didn’t know I lost back into me. Closing my eyes,
I inhale all she has to give. “Kiss me.” And I do.




Author Bio
Cary Hart
hails from the Midwest. A sassy, coffee drinking, sometimes sailor swearing
(Shhh… don’t tell.), wine sipping, Spotify addict, lover of all things books!
When not
pushing women down the stairs in the fictional world, Cary has her hands full.
She is blessed to be the sports mom of two wild and crazy, spoiled kiddos, and
wife to the most supportive husband (took a few years to train). In addition to
working full time, she bakes cookies on the side to fund her newly found love
of writing and to keep her Sephora VIB Rouge status. The addiction is real,
Believe it
or not, writing was never a dream for Cary. Reading was something she never enjoyed
growing up. All it took was one friend, who went MIA for a weekend on a book
binge, to share her passion and loan an ebook, lighting a fire inside her.  Two years, and hundreds of ebooks later, she
connected with one of her favorite authors, who patiently listened to her plot
ideas. Her encouragement and saying those three little words “You write it!”
changed everything!
welcome! Hop on board, and enjoy the ride!
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