Dangerous Liaisons by #DavidHorne


Dangerous Liaisons

Publication Date: April 8, 2018

Los Angeles’ D Platoon is the most prestigious SWAT team in the country, drawing the best police officers from LA and around the United States, including Zeke Nolan and his best friend, Anakoni Lewis. The two of them grew up together in Hawaii, but when a hostage situation at a library goes south, an inside job is suspected, and all the evidence points to Anakoni. Will Zeke choose his best friend over the evidence, or does the evidence actually point somewhere else?

Cristian Del Toro, known as Bull by his colleagues, is the team leader of a rival squad. He’s only been team leader for six months, and has something to prove. He and Zeke start out as rivals, and it is Bull who leads the operation at the library. As the mystery deepens, though, he and Zeke get closer, realizing they really aren’t all that different. The two of them bond over their love of the sea, the love of the job, and the punishment they both face for the botched library job. Bull is determined to prove that it wasn’t simply a bad decision on his part. With Zeke’s help, will the two of them find out what really happened, even if it means implicating his best friend? Or will Bull’s suspicion of Anakoni drive a wedge between them?


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