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Declan: Soulless Bastards Mc NoCal (Soulless Bastards Mc No Cal Book 1) by #ErinTrejo


Declan: Soulless Bastards Mc NoCal (Soulless Bastards Mc No Cal Book 1)

Publication Date: May 15, 2018

“What is it you want?” I ask her. She slowly releases my fingers and lets her arms fall to her sides. I see Cherry walk away out of the corner of my eye, clearly done with our interaction. “One night, One round of hot fucking sex.”
I stand there with my eyebrows raised. Is she serious? “You’re not shittin’ me?” I ask all the while thinking this has to be a joke. Girls don’t just come around here looking for a quick fuck. At least girls like her don’t. She shakes her head before she steps closer to me. “I don’t care which one of you guys it’s with either. I just want it.” Her voice holds a demand that my dick likes. She may not care which brother it’s with, but I sure as hell do. No one will be getting that pussy but me.
I let out a growl when she says, “You lost the bet.”
Declan | Soulless Bastards MC #1( NoCal Chpt)
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Erin M Trejo

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