Lies Love Regrets by #BJSmyth


Lies Love Regrets


This book will get your pulse rate racing.

Lies Love Regrets – B.J. Smyth takes you on a journey into a world of hot m/m erotica and deceit.

Andrew opened the door and let me in. All he was wearing was a towel around his waist.
‘Hello, gorgeous.’ As he closes the door, he pushes me against the wall. His hands grab the sides of my face as he kisses me passionately. I can feel his cock is hard as he pushes it against me, his tongue exploring my mouth as he lightly bites my lower lip. My cock stiffens as he continues to kiss and grind against me.
‘I want you, gorgeous.’ He said in a breathless voice in between kisses. His hands slide down the back of my trunks and grab my arse cheeks. I slide my hands down his back, grab the towel and pull it away from his body, leaving him naked against me.
He moves from my mouth and softly bites down the side of my neck, his tongue licking my skin after each bite. Slowly, he works his way down my chest, biting my right nipple as he slides my trunks down, releasing my hard cock, continuing down my body, kissing my stomach as he gets to his knees. I close my eyes and moan as each bite gets closer to my throbbing cock.


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