Broken Silence: Trust Series Book Four by #AMRaulerson


Broken Silence: Trust Series Book Four


Chase Hamilton, the owner of the private BDSM club Darkfall, is known for being cool and reserved. For years he’s run from his past, from the deep emotions that can destroy his hold on that self-contained persona. His last relationship ends badly, and he’s in a downward spiral, nothing like the natural Dom he used to be. His friends are worried, and unhappy with the way he’s behaving and Chase knows he can no longer ignore his pain. Walking the floor of his club one night, he sees something that turns his stomach. He won’t stand for it, and his actions that night change his life.

After months in captivity, being raped and tortured by the Osiris Circle, one night will change his life forever. Mason Brooks is a wraith, a broken shell of the man and the sub he once was. When Chase rescues him neither of them knows the key role the other will play in their recoveries. Months later, Mason’s body is healing, but his mind still struggles with opening up about all that’s happened to him. Can he ever handle a “normal” relationship, much less the submissive one? Chase is everything Mason dreamed of, everything he craves in a man and a Dom, but how can a man as perfect as Chase ever want him, especially after…

Unknowingly, they both have the same thought.

“I don’t want to disappoint him. What if I am too broken ever to have a relationship again?”

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