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  The Ways We Follow

by #LSalt

Publication Date: May 25, 2018


The Way We Follow

The Ways We Follow Blurb: St. Petersburg, Russia, 20XX. Four best friends, young, talented and ambitious try to find their own way in a reality where people can’t speak and even think freely. Laura Danco is a young talented designer who returns to the city after studying and working in the UK. Friends tell Laura about new controlling institution, the Department of Censorship. All media sources are under control, government opposition is destroyed completely, minorities are under threat. Everyone who resists is obliterated. Laura tries to live an ordinary life of every young person in a big city–friends, relationships, travels, parties…Everything is changing when a reputable design company employs her as an assistant to a dangerously attractive, scandalous architect and designer, Daniel Polanskiy, whose ambitious and outstanding projects don’t comply with the government views and its dictated taste. Daniel’s colleagues believe he is insane, the press calls him “Russian Gaudi”, the Department of Censorship watches his every movement. The situation becomes even more complicated, when Laura meets her Uni-mate from the UK, Mark Evans. Completely lost between two absolutely different characters–friendly, amiable Mark and sophisticated, bad-tempered, but ingenious Daniel–she struggles to whom to give her heart. The future looks bleak for Laura, as the company gets into trouble, when the Tax Office conducts a detailed financial audit, the Department gives Daniel the final warning, and one of Laura’s friends is killed by his boyfriend. The plot leads characters thought many challenges–from love to betrayal, from revenge to a murder. The story which starts like a comedy is turning into a tragedy. Will friends find their way to follow? This is book 1 of the duology. Laura and friends are back in book 2, “Angels of Zion”.





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 Until Tomorrow (Dangerous Secrets, a Romantic Suspense series Book 1) Kindle Edition

by RM Alexander (Author)

Publication Date: April 2, 2018


When everything is taken from you, all you have left is what comes next…
The perfect career became the perfect nightmare. Now the only solution is for Colton Paine to leave his life behind to enter the Witness Security Program. Though he has many regrets, abandoning Savana Wyler, just as she’s entering remission from cancer—and before he has a chance to tell her he loves her—rips his heart out. But Colton will do whatever it takes to protect her, even leave forever.
Relocated to a tiny northern Washington tourist town, Colton fights to regain his footing in a new life constructed of lies. Haunted by thoughts of Savana, he breaks the rules and keeps track of her. When the same people who want him dead appear on Savana’s news broadcasts, it becomes clear leaving wasn’t the answer.
Convinced Savana is left unprotected, Colton abandons WitSec in a desperate attempt to save her. But did his impetuous actions endanger them both?
Tomorrow was never more uncertain.

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monday 7

Monday May 21

#354 The LoveLock

by #EichinChangLim

Publication Date: April 29, 2018



#386 49 Buddhas: Lama Rinzen in the Hell Realm Paperback – January 17, 2018

by #JimRingel


#387 The Omega’s Physician

Author: Kenna Grace


#388 clutch

by #LisaBecker

#KU #RomanticComedy


#389 Goal Keeper: A Pearson Players novel

by #SarahNego

Publication Date: May 21, 2018



#390 Uprising: A Post-Apocalyptic Dystopian Novel (The Outliers Saga Book 2)

by #KateLMary

Publication Date: May 21, 2018



#391 The Parts I Remember

by #ABWood

Publication Date: May 16, 2018



#392 Carry and Drag (Open Wounds Book 1)

by #MichelleFrost

Publication Date: May 18, 2018



#393 Runner: Track Four: A Living Out Loud Novel

by #DeniseJaden

Publication Date: June 1, 2018



#394 Simmer

by #StephanieRose

Publication Date: May 14, 2018

#KU #NewAdultCollege


#395 Intoxicated By You

by #KristinMayer


#396 SANGRE: Night Rebels Motorcycle Club (Night Rebels MC Romance Book 6)

by #ChiahWilder

Publication Date: April 21, 2018

#KU #Romance


#399 Kenzie And The Guy Next Door (Scandalous Series Book 4)

by #RLinda

Publication Date: May 29, 2018


#400 Reckless (Deathstalkers MC Book 9)

by #AlexisNoelle

Publication Date: June 25, 2018



#401 Fat Cat Liar

by #AhrenSanders

Publication Date: May 18, 2018



#402 Twisted Fates (Fates Reborn)

by #GMScherbert  

Publication Date: June 28, 2018



#403 King’s Harlots Boxed Set

by #JMWalker

Publication Date: May 19, 2018



#404 Aiyana: Book 2 (The Protectors)

by #LAnnMarie 



#405 Take You Apart: The Everett Files Book 1

by #TJSpade  



#406 My One and Only (Bewitched and Bewildered Book 10)

by #AlaneaAlder 

Publication Date: April 24, 2018



#407 No Luck

by #KayleighSky 

Publication Date: May 21, 2018



#408 Hail to the Queen (Witch for Hire Book 2)

by #ShylaColt

Publication Date: February 27, 2018

#KU #Fantasy


#410 UnScripted: An older man finds his younger woman and together, true love (CREED MC Book 2)

by #JaxHart

Publication Date: May 21, 2018

#KU #Contemporary