Saber’s Sombra: Book Four (The Providence Series) by #LAnnMarie


Saber’s Sombra: Book Four (The Providence Series)

Publication Date: May 19, 2018
L Ann Marie
Former Assistant SAC of the New York FBI Office, Dallas Perez, was transferred to EROP. Being promoted quickly, he shows his worth as the Commander of the Investigators with an uncanny ability to anticipate target movements, legal maneuvering and Donna’s next drama queen moments. It doesn’t take long for the unit to notice the one area he has no experience with.
Donna has never done anything right according to her mother. Meeting Dallas, she realizes her life has been one drama after another. Self-perception is not a subject taught in schools, but is a class Donna could have used.
Join the golden girls, EROP unit and the DA’s office as they assist in the newest Commander matchup the only way they know how…FBI Badass.

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