Pray While You’re Sleeping #LJCollins


Pray While You’re Sleeping


Is it ever too late to make amends? Repent your sins, and you may be given a second chance.

After a lifetime of crime and bigotry, Sully gets his comeuppance when he’s told he only has a matter of weeks to live. With the help of medication, he can cope with the pain, but it’s the haunting nightmares that cause him more distress. Sully wakes up one morning covered in somebody else’s blood and has no recollection of how or why it happened. Unable to go to the police, Sully turns to the AI team for help. By monitoring him while he sleeps and apparently sleepwalks, they discover Sully has been sent on a mission to save peoples’ lives. When they’re led to a monastery, Sully shows a strong affinity to an aged portrait of a monk, Gregory, and Jane and Grant surmise that Gregory is communicating with Sully through his dreams. In his final hours, and in a delirious state, Sully makes a surprise confession to Jane. Her only hope is that Sully has done enough to be saved.

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