The Last Summer by #RuthieLuhnow


The Last Summer

Publication Date: May 20, 2018
“It’s not even really a first kiss if you’re practicing on a friend.”

Trapped in a conservative prairie town, Alfie Alder has spent his whole life enduring bullying from his classmates and indifference from his teachers. Only one person has ever seen past Alfie’s sarcastic, standoffish exterior—his best friend and the love of his life, Wynn. And though Wynn insists he’s straight, Alfie is sure, deep down, Wynn feels their connection, too. Alfie plans to leave town right after graduation—and when he goes, he’s bringing Wynn along with him.

“This place will kill me if I stay.”

Wynn is used to being a disappointment—to his father, to his teachers, to his coach. And in a place where two boys would never be allowed to fall in love, naïve Wynn can’t comprehend that his feelings for Alfie run far deeper than friendship. But then Alfie shows up at his window in the middle of the night and asks Wynn to run away with him—and though Wynn can’t bear the thought of Alfie leaving him, Wynn isn’t brave enough to leave.

“I’ve loved you every minute of every day that I’ve known you.”

Twelve years later, Wynn shows up on Alfie’s doorstep, bedraggled and heartbroken. Though the two friends have not seen each other in over a decade, they find their connection hasn’t faded. However, before Alfie and Wynn are able to build a new life with one another, they will have to face the demons from their past. Once more, they find themselves in their tiny, toxic hometown—but this time, they’re together.

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