Tied Up in Steele




Tied Up In Steele (Delta Force – Team Panther Book 2) Kindle Edition
by #AnnabellaStone

Publication Date: May 31, 2018
#GAY #KU #ActionAdventure
Tied Up In Steele – Steele Givens doesn’t do relationships and he knows better than to fall for a man he rescued during a CIA Operation; but then he’s never been a ‘follow the rules’ kinda man. He always swore he’d never drag someone he cared about into a world of danger. But what do you do, when danger stalks him anyway? Kalon Roberts wanted to move on. He’s done with danger and Black Ops Operators. But when someone is determined to use him to gain his father’s cooperation, the man who comes to save him, is the one who broke his heart. They should have never met. They should never have been in each other’s orbits. But now that they are, Steele will take out everything and everyone in his way to make sure that Kalon makes it out alive. Tied Up In Steele is part of the Delta Force – Team Panther Series. While it can be read as a standalone… to ensure maximum enjoyment, it is best read after Jonah’s Compass.

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