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Breaking The Rules: A Forbidden Love Romance (Fighting For Love Book 4) by #JPOliver


Breaking The Rules: A Forbidden Love Romance (Fighting For Love Book 4)
by #JPOliver
Publication Date: June 6, 2018
I’ve always been the odd one out in my family. Figures the one time they come to me for help, I sleep with the guy trying to run them off their land.
When they asked for help with the developers trying to snatch up the trailer park we’ve lived in for generations, I thought this was my chance. I could show them just because I moved out and live my life in ways they don’t understand, it doesn’t mean I’m any less loyal to them.
But now that makes these feelings I have seem like a betrayal.
Eric was just supposed to be a hook-up. I was never supposed to see him again, let alone see him as the very enemy I was trying to protect my family from.
And even then it should have been a simple choice. The easiest thing in the world to pick my family over him. Yet I can’t seem to get him out of my mind.
Let alone stay out of his bed.
My friend suggests I use this chemistry between us, convince Eric to back off and leave the land alone. I know its the right thing to do for my family. I shouldn’t care what it costs a man I hardly know.
But I do.
No matter what I choose, someone’s going to get hurt. And it’s going to be all my fault.
Everything in my life was going according to plan. I had clear goals and the ambition to make them a reality. No time for distractions, and that included guys who tried to be more than a stress-relieving hook up.
I just didn’t plan on Hank.
I’d never have guessed my one night stand was from that very trailer park. Or that he could go toe to toe with me every time I tried a new angle to evict his family.
I definitely never planned on second-guessing my priorities. Thinking about throwing my ambitions away, just because it would make him happy.
It scares me to want someone who can make me question everything I’ve ever cared about.
But not as much as it scares me to think I can’t trust him…
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