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Tangled Up In You


Tangled Up In You
by #JaclynOsborn
Publication Date: June 11, 2018
#GAY #KU #Contemporary
Becoming best friends at an early age, Corbin and Hunter were inseparable. Where one went, the other followed. As years passed, their friendship blossomed into something more and both boys fell madly in love.
Corbin loved Hunter’s quirkiness and obsession with Shakespeare, and Hunter loved Corbin’s goofy personality and kind heart.
But what sounded like the makings of a fairy tale soon turned into a hard dose of reality.
They planned to spend forever together, but when Corbin is accepted into his dream college in California to play football, those plans change. Hunter didn’t want to leave their small, quaint town in Arkansas, and Corbin didn’t want to stay. The happy future they envisioned comes crashing down around them and their love isn’t enough to keep them together.
After being apart for seven years, a devastating loss brings Corbin back to town, and he and Hunter are forced to re-open old wounds. And with the pain of the past also comes the memory of love and broken promises. Hunter is afraid of getting hurt again, and Corbin just wants a second chance to make things right.
Second chances rarely happen in life. Can Corbin and Hunter take the opportunity and move forward, or will they remain stuck in the past?
*Tangled Up In You is a standalone
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