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5 Days and the Daddy is back.
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CARTER – Daddy Bear 2 – B.J. Smyth
It’s time to find out what happens next between Carter & Frank?
Brandon sits in the only armchair we have, lifting his legs and crossing them on the seat. His build is similar to mine, only with a little more fat on him. Sitting, holding his bowl, he watches me as I drop my rucksack and sit on the sofa to the side of him, preparing myself for the inquisition that is about to ensue.
“Okay, give me the gory details. I want it all.” His voice rises a pitch with excitement.
“Well, there isn’t really much to tell.”
“Don’t give me that. It’s been a long time since you came home after one o’clock in the morning. You must have done something in all that time…”
“Well, we met at the bear bar near Trafalgar square—” I said before he interrupted.
“Fuck that shit, yeah you met up blah blah, tell me about what happened at his place,” he says before shoveling more of the cereal into his mouth.
Brandon only ever wants to know whether or not I got fucked; he is never interested in the rest of the evening. I’m sure he gets off on what other people are doing because he’s not getting any himself.
“To cut a long story short then,” I reply abruptly, “he took me up to his bedroom, undressed me, sucked me off, then threw me on the bed and face-fucked me,”
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