Guarding the Gods

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Series Sale Blitz, Guarding The Gods by Author Ann Lister
Hosted by Love Has No Gender the brighter side of Jo&Isalovebooks Promotions
You’ve been rocked by The Rock Gods and now it’s time to meet the men who have their backs in the spin-off series: Guarding The Gods. The stories in this series will give you a glimpse at what goes into protecting two world class rock bands while they perform around the globe. I hope you’ll continue this journey with me, as I give you a backstage pass to another side of the music world in which the players work hard and they love even harder.
Ann Lister celebrates Pride Month with a Guarding The Gods Series SALE! 1-Click your limited time reduced price ebooks.
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Zac’s Mulligan Book One, ONLY 99c
Honor and Pride Book Two, down to $1.99
More Than My Words Book Three, First time SALE $2.99
NEW RELEASE Book Four, The Black Key Journal
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