His to Own


★★★His To Own★★★
★★2.99 or Free on KU ★★
#HTO #Dominate #BDSM #MustRead
Review stated – “Wow…..just wow. I loved this book so much! The chemistry between the characters is insane, also I’ve never been so gripped as I was with this book. I wanted to leave my husband at one point as he wouldn’t leave me alone to read. I can’t wait to read the next book.”
Taken in the dead of night, Avidya Ray has no idea what to expect when she’d been blindfolded and given to a man that holds her life in his hands.
He will claim her, own her, no matter if she fights against his desire or not.
She is no stranger to the way life works, or so she thought. Growing up, Avidya knew what to expect.
Her father was clear that she’d be married off by the age of nineteen, but now, everything she once knew is no longer.
Herself included.
#notyourtypicalread #mafiaread
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