Lonely Omega’s Baby Wish


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Lonely Omega’s Baby Wish (MPreg Hospital Book 4)
by #DexBass
#KU #Freebie #GAY
Oz is imagining things.
There’s no way billionaire publisher Andre Acour wants to co-father with a humble social worker.
It’s a pipe dream. And it’s unprofessional. Oz is supposed to counsel Andre about his lack of a mate, not daydream about becoming that mate.
The cocky billionaire’s smile, his firm handshake, his confidence, his build under his perfectly pressed suit — Oz can’t stop thinking about bearing Andre’s baby.
What if?
Andre never met anyone like Oz. The snappy little social worker can stand his own against all of Andre’s tantrums, and he’s no airhead. Even his life story is pretty amazing. He walked away from a family fortune to start a life on his own. And he’s adorably nerdy. He’d make a perfect co-father. Andre never wanted anyone like this.
Oz isn’t easy pickings. Billionaire or not, Andre has to prove himself.
Can Oz and Andre overcome doubts, insecurities, and old family secrets to become fathers together?
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