The Emerald Dragon’s Treasured Mate

The Emerald Dragon’s Treasured Mate
by #KikiBurrelli
Publication Date: June 13, 2018
#KU #GAY #Fantasy
Can three broken hearts become whole?
King Vale lives in a garden paradise with his people, the emerald dragons. Separated from the world in their underwater home, their way of life is serene, but it doesn’t come without sacrifices. Vale has lost much over his long life, but none of it hurt as bad as losing his lifelong best friend, Blaze. Vale went into an emotional hibernation when Blaze left, and it isn’t until he meets Landon, a plucky young guard for the diamond dragons, that he begins to feel again. Except, the moment he decides his heart wants only Landon, Blaze returns with the same claim.
Two powerful alphas, one mate.
Landon knew he wasn’t cut out for life as a guard, but when the opportunity came to transport a very dangerous enemy, he volunteered. He hopes he can complete the mission without making a fool of himself. After his first glimpse at the Emerald King Vale, he’ll be lucky if he can get through the mission without ripping his clothes off and offering himself to the King. Oddly, the King seems to feel the same way and agrees to accept their dangerous cargo into his impenetrable dungeons only if Landon agrees to stay behind.
Will a love once lost, be reclaimed anew?
When Blaze returns to the garden paradise claiming he followed the call of his mate, Landon can’t believe he has two gorgeous men clamoring for his affection. Except, he doesn’t see the two men as a choice, he sees them as a package deal. Landon needs to show the stubborn men that they are better together before the mysterious force threatening their way of life succeeds.
For hundreds of years, the four dragon tribes have lived in a tense ceasefire. Evidence of the old dragon wars still litter the bottom of the ocean and while three of the tribes are working toward peace, the onyx dragons seem to be colluding with the enemy. Navigating communication with the Shadow King is like walking through a political land mine, one that Vale worries will blow up in all of their faces.
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