Take you to Hell


T.J. Spade
Take You to Hell
Book two of The Everett Files
Caleb looked askance at his gorgeous girlfriend in feigned ignorance. “What can we do to fill the time? Do you want to watch TV? There’s probably a game show on..…”
“Definitely not.” Makayla pressed him none too gently against the kitchen island and plundered his mouth with hers.
She tasted of red sauce and when Caleb drew back so they could both catch their breath he noticed Makayla’s full lips were dyed a very sexy plumb colour by the wine she’d sipped. Makayla’s gaze travelled low and after the blood rushed back to his brain his next coherent thought was Screw dinner! He picked Makayla bodily off the ground and threw her over his shoulder. She giggled at the whole Tarzan routine and didn’t object when Caleb threw her on the bed and took control.
Caleb Everett knows murder. He’s seen inside the minds of psychopaths, sociopaths and the deranged, and witnessed crimes of passion, hate, opportunity and revenge. But Caleb Everett isn’t a profiler or a cop … he’s a psychic.
Teaming up with Homicide Detective Jack Rafferty, he uses his ability to catch murderers before they kill again, and potential murderers before they kill at all. This time around Caleb has two cases demanding his attention; one perpetrator out for revenge and a serial killer sending sinners to Hell at the flick of a match. And if that isn’t enough to deal with, Caleb also has a target on his back.
Someone wants his world to unravel and is plucking at the threads. If Caleb succeeds in solving these cases will he be damning himself by saving the innocent?
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