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Valentine Dreams


Patrick Khayler
How far are you willing to go? Can you ask for the things you want?
Becky Sanchez. may have acquired the taste for women as The Present, but a single night only changed her hunger into painful need. Now, only supernatural lust can slake her thirst. The education of Becky Sanchez continues in another woman’s arms. Valentine Dreams, a paranormal FF, will make you wonder why you ever started wearing panties in the first place. Wet silk is so much harder to remove.
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A seductive blurb for your perusal. Enjoy!
Valentine Dreams
Patrick Khayler
Assistant Principal Becky moved to Houston for a new start but as Valentine’s Day approaches, she can only think about the couple she left behind and that life-changing night they allowed her to share. So when a breathtaking woman suddenly appears and melts Becky’s panties with just one hot look, newly awakened Becky can’t wait for what their next encounter might bring. Hiding her desire to be with another woman is hard enough but dodging her work duties to be with the mysterious, almost unearthly, object of her desire might just end her career. The enchantress promises Becky a Valentine’s Day she’ll never forget but first Becky has to be brave enough to seek out Valentine Dreams of limitless pleasure.
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