Do Not Respond


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The Rules of DNR: How to Survive Working for Cole Lawson
Do Not Respond emails are meant to be sent to yourself onlyโ€”never to be re-read or responded to.
Vent about your mean boss and donโ€™t focus on the scruff on his chin. Ignore the butterflies that flutter as he stares back at you and concentrate on his condescending tone.
I wish Iโ€™d listened.
I wish Iโ€™d never drank my body weight in vodka and sent him a venting email, telling him exactly what I really thought about his Lycra-wrapped package and the way he makes my body hum.
The last thing I needed was to break those DNR rules and send an email to my boss.
Work is about to get a lot more interesting. What have I got myself into?

What reviewers are saying:

โ€œI adore this authorโ€™s writing and style of storytelling that just pulls me into the world of these very real feeling characters. Every single character from our hero and heroine to the most minor are so well developed that I just want more from each of them and I really hope to get some spin off stories.โ€- Diane, Goodreads

โ€œBeing inside Cole’s mind is like Christmas for me, you never know what you’re going to get out of him.โ€ -Heather Andrews, Goodreads.

โ€œThis book was so much more than I expected.
I got the fun sarcastic humor that I was hoping for but also such a fantastic second chance love story with a lot of heart and heartbreak at times.โ€ Candice, Goodreads

โ€œFull of humor, charm and wit I was glued to every page. It was detailed and full of depth, so much so that the emotional pull was nothing short of captivating.
It was light hearted, crazy funny and sinfully delicious. It was just perfect guys.โ€- Gayle, Goodreads.

Cover by Hang Le

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