Awakened by Fate

    Title: Awakened by Fate Author: Lynn Lawler Genre: LGBTQ/Paranormal/Spiritual Awakening 392 Pages     Blurb:   Jackie is a woman living life according to her own rules. She’s married, but it’s the unspoken, open kind. She can have as many female lovers as she likes; she just can’t talk about them.   AfterContinue reading “Awakened by Fate”

The Ways We Follow

PROMO FROM AUTHOR SIGNUP STILL HAVE OPENINGS   The Ways We Follow by #LSalt Publication Date: May 25, 2018   The Way We Follow The Ways We Follow Blurb: St. Petersburg, Russia, 20XX. Four best friends, young, talented and ambitious try to find their own way in a reality where people can’t speakContinue reading “The Ways We Follow”