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Guarding his Omega


🎉💕 Guarding His Omega 🐰🐺
Wolves and bunnies and vampires, oh my!

2.99 and in #KU!

An Omega in danger. A fiercely protective Alpha. An ancient enemy out for blood.

Adam Nelson, a handsome rabbit Omega, is nursing a broken heart. Hoping to heal someplace quiet and peaceful, he stays with his grandmother. He plans on spending his days gardening and helping around the house. One day, when Adam and his grandmother are out for a leisurely coffee, they’re threatened by Zoltan McMurtry, a dangerous vampire who’s still hung up on an ancient family feud. Sure enough, one of his thug vampire associates tries to make good on the threat, and though he’s thwarted, Zoltan vows to settle the feud once and for all.

How will Adam protect them both from this mortal enemy?

Wolf shifter and Alpha, Garrett Owens, is the most eligible bachelor in town. His father, the patriarch and head of the family business, has already picked out a mate for him based on business connections. However, when Garrett meets Adam there’s an undeniable attraction. He knows he’s going to have to disappoint his father and follow his heart. Garrett also knows Adam, and Adam’s grandmother, are in danger. He vows to protect them at all costs.

Can Garrett save them and get the happily ever after he so longs for?

This 43k story is full of steamy, knotty love, action, and babies galore! It features a fierce, alpha wolf and an adorable rabbit omega in need of protection and rescue. First book in a new series!


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