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My Faire Lord


My Faire Lord
Cœur de Lyon: A Renaissance Flair 1
C A Storm
Samantha Kelly had the ideal life…until the day her company made her the fall-gal for a PR nightmare! Overnight, she lost her job, her reputation, and her fiancé. While recuperating at her parents’ house in Seattle, she gets a phone call asking her to interview for a position with Cœur de Lyon Enterprises. She gets more than an interview. She gets insulted by the CEO before she even steps into his office. This rich bad boy has no idea who he’s just driven away, or how hard he’s going to have to work to get her back. It might just be his most challenging job yet…Rikard Sebastian Leon is the CEO of Cœur de Lyon Enterprises, but he’s more than just that. He’s the heir apparent of the Leon Sidhe Clan. When his grandparents order him to interview Sam Kelly, he’s livid. How is he supposed to build an empire when his grandparents want to replace his candidate with some blacklisted engineer? He blows the interview before it even begins…but soon learns the woman he just insulted is his anam cara—his soulmate. Now he’s made sure that he’s the last man she’d ever consider dating, much less spend eternity with! There may be another way to win her affections, all it will take is a little deception and some magic, but surely she’ll forgive him in the end…right?Rikard not only has to win the affection of a woman he’s just met, the only one who can make his soul whole, but he has to reveal secrets his family have protected for centuries, but Sam has a few secrets of her own. Between ex-fiancés, jealous lovers, and getting ready for the Faire’s opening, it’s going to take a bit of work for them to get their happily ever after.Welcome to the world of A Renaissance Flair. This world masquerades as a fantastic escape from the ordinary, for the ordinary, as a Renaissance and fantasy-themed village and resort, but beneath the façade lies a hidden truth: fairies and monsters are real, and they love to come and play with Mortals. All titles in this paranormal romance series feature gratuitous nudity, naughty bits, sex, lots of cursing—both figurative and literal—sex, some violence, lots of leather, shapeshifters—both foreign and domesticated—witches, Sidhe and fairies, some vampires, a dragon or two, sex, booze, dashing heroines, sassy heroes, and loves that come in all the different varieties found in real life. Oh, and don’t forget about the sex. And the cursing—there are witches and fairies involved, after all! If you’re looking to have some good, naughty fun, enter the Faire with Flair and lose yourself in the magic!

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