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Elemental Paladins



Have you picked your favourite smexy, modern-day knight from the Elemental Paladins series by Montana Ash yet? If not, now’s your chance! Books one to four in the series are just 99c/99p FOR 1 WEEK ONLY Why don’t you check out the snippets from each book below and see if you can predict who your fave guy or gal will be? Book five is coming January 20th so it’s perfect timing to snap up a paranormal romance bargain.


‘Max barely caught her bottom lip before it could lower in a pout. This chick was almost her polar opposite; she was tall and willowy where Max was short and curvy; she had straight light hair where Max had a frizzy mass of dark waves; and she had those perky apple tits! Max’s own breasts were an extremely healthy handful. She’d never had any complaints but how she would love to be able to roam braless and free!

“Is this your harem? And do you accept new members?” Max figured it couldn’t hurt to ask. The pale Amazon gave a throaty chuckle. Wow. She had never been so tempted to switch teams before.

“No. This isn’t my harem.” The other woman eye-balled the men thoughtfully, “But it’s an intriguing idea.”’ Copyright 2015 Montana Ash



Diana cursed, her wet feet slipping on the tiles as she pin-wheeled her arms frantically trying to regain her balance. A pair of strong paladin arms caught her to a strong paladin chest and she inhaled automatically, taking in the masculine scent that was uniquely Darius. She looked up and allowed her eyes to feast on the beauty that was Darius’s flawless face. Strong angles, hazel eyes, long eyelashes, firm lips … she was never going to take looking at him for granted ever again.

“Hi …” She finally responded, a little breathlessly.’ Copyright 2016 Montana Ash

CHADE Book Three

‘Refocusing on the here and now, Cali nodded eagerly, “I am looking forward to a night off actually.”

Max snorted at that, “I bet. You’re a mite itchy there girl.” “Huh?” Cali still had trouble following Max’s randomness sometimes.

“Itchy, you know …” she gestured to her pelvic area, fluttered her fingers a little, “… itchy.”
“What, like I have thrush or something?” She asked in shock. She sure hoped not. She didn’t feel like she did but Max could see things Cali couldn’t, so maybe …

Max laughed, “No. Not like thrush. Itchy as in horny. I’ve been here nearly five months and haven’t seen you even hold hands with a guy. You’ve gotta be horny girlfriend.”

“Oh. That kind of itchy,” Cali mulled it over, doing some silent calculations in her head and nearly fell over in shock when she realised it had been over a year since she had last gotten laid and she hadn’t even realised.’ Copyright 2016 Montana Ash

RANGER Book Four

‘Intrigued and feeling more awake than sleepy now, Lark pushed himself up slightly, dislodging his new lover. He felt a moment of contrition as she grunted, head landing softly on the mattress. That quickly passed however, when she sat up, tossing her hair back and revealing all those perfectly formed subtle curves. Damn, he didn’t realise that mouths could literally water, but his sure was.

“Focus!” Fingers snapped in front of his face.
He grinned, “I am focusing.” He allowed his eyes to linger quite pointedly on the tips of her pert breasts. Had it only been minutes ago when his mouth had tasted those rosy tips?

“If play time is over, I’ll get out of your way.”
Now that sure had him diverting his attention away from naked flesh, “Huh? What do you mean, ‘out of my way’?”‘ Copyright 2017 Montana Ash. All rights reserved.

Book 5 in the Elemental Paladins series

‘Ivy hooked the curved edge of her sickle over the man’s fly, “I’m sure I heard you wrong. Why don’t you help me out by repeating what you just said?”
Sid wisely chose to keep his mouth shut – not that Ivy was satisfied with the silence. “Come on, big man. Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t slice your nut-sac in half,” she crooned.’ Copyright 2017 Montana Ash.