The Outsider


The Outsider
by #DavidHorne
Publication Date: July 1, 2018
When fear and speculation grips his small town, Nickolas must act quickly to save the one he loves.
Nothing ever happened in the quaint town of Bridgewater, Virginia. Nickolas lives a relatively quiet life, works nights and lives with a fat cat named Max, who is the pride of his life. When a stranger arrived in town Nickolas finds his world turned upside down.
This handsome stranger actually enjoys life and isn’t afraid to take chances. Marcus remains a complete enigma to Nickolas, but he’s falling for him. When another stranger in town is assaulted and left for dead, everyone “knows” it’s Marcus who commits the crime.
Now something is happening in Bridgewater and Nickolas feels he’s the only person who believes Marcus is innocent. Close friends show their true nature and Nickolas is helpless to change their minds.
“I want you,” he confides in Marcus. “But I don’t know how. You’re the whole wide world, and I’m just a stop in the way for you getting to the other side.”
Now Nickolas must find out what really happened to the stranger and save Marcus. Can he find out the truth before it’s too late? Is their love strong enough to keep them together? Or will the truth destroy their one chance at happiness?

Published by Book Review Virginia Lee Blog

Mission Statement For nearly four years, Book Review Virginia Lee has been a significant part of the book community. Our goal is to help in sharing the love for all Indie Authors and their books. It’s hard enough for authors to launch their dreams of writing that jewel in literature and it is our hope that we can help you achieve that objective. Are you looking for help with the launch of your new book? We can help you to promote your book through the provision of a variety of professional services including but not limited to, Author Spotlight, Sunday Shout out, Monthly Takeover events (Takeover Group) and Banner competitions. If you would like to receive more information about being showcase on our blog or for Sharing your book. Please contact by email or send us a PM.

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