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Control by Piper Frost


Control by Piper Frost
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Cover image: Lindee Robinson Photography
Cover Model: Adam Centeno

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★ Synopsis★
A dude being best friends with a chick isn’t something you see very often, but I wouldn’t change it for the world.
What I would change is convincing that best friend to have no strings attached sex.
Why? Because strings always attach.
And in this case, they were mine.
I fell in love with her, then I watched her walk away to pursue her happiness.
It sucks. Because she was my happiness.
I belong in the south. I’m a country boy at heart who loves animals and farm life. She thinks she belongs in a big city where she can grow her name in the world of fashion. The girl’s got skills, and if anyone can do it, it’s Affton.
Only problem? That also means she ain’t got time for anything but that big city and fashion world.
When she walked away I never thought I’d be dragging her back for the reasons I do. The girl’s got a fight in her, but apparently not when it comes to him. He’s done shit to her that makes me want to dismember him slowly enough he suffers. But of course Affton doesn’t want me to have anything to do with him.
Fine. I swallow my pride. My instinct. My anger.
All for her because she’s finally back where she belongs.
With me.
I should have trusted my gut because now he wants to make her pay for being here and being happy.

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Author M. Piper & H.Q. Frost