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Forever Bound


Forever Bound
By Author A M Raulerson

The Osiris Circle case is ongoing and the bodies continue stacking up. Detective Sam Baker, with help from some very skilled police academy cadets, Agent Aaron Boudreaux’s profiling skills, and FBI tech genius Andrea West, they are closing in on suspected serial killer Lady Olivia Payne. Sam is struggling with his personal life and tired of living a lie, of hiding who he really is. Tired of having to be in control all the time. He’s ready to give up that control, to embrace the submissive sexual side he’s kept hidden all his life, and he knows just who he wants to help him fulfill those desires. Not one, but two powerful Doms have caught his eye. Sam wants Aaron and Simon to guide him through his journey of self discovery. Aaron and Simon have been together a long time, and Aaron wants a more committed relationship. Simon has his own issues that only Aaron can help him cope with and he doesn’t want anyone to know about them. He’s afraid adding a third to their relationship would be a mistake. With a killer on the loose, past pains that still cause fresh wounds, and more guilt than anyone should have to carry alone… will the pain be too much for them? Can these three men find the strength, love and courage they need in each other for the chance to share in something that comes once in a lifetime and leaves them Forever Bound?
‘Forever Bound by AM Raulerson. The 3rd book in the amazingly emotional Trust series.’