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Twisted Secrets


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“another marvelous standalone in this deliciously dark series… exceptional and executed to perfection.” – Harloe Rae

“Holy crazy darkness!!! This was the darkest romance I have read…. And I freaking LOVED IT!!!” – Goodreads reviewer

“pure decadent deliciousness… A tale full of twists and turns written so perfectly that it had me inhaling all the words like they were my last breath.” – Goodreads reviewer


My whole life, there had only been one rule. Don’t go to Chicago. It always made me feel like a damsel in distress, trapped in a tower. But my life was filled with kings and queens and the most noble knights and I didn’t need another fairytale.

I needed a bad boy.

Brye McCowan was just that. He was smooth, and seductive. Dark, dangerous and downright drool worthy too. I saw trouble swirling around him in place of a shadow. He was my one rule personified.

And I couldn’t stop myself from kissing him.

Which was right about the time that whole fairytale thing kicked back in. Only this time I wasn’t surrounded by heroes. These were the villains, wicked and vengeful.  And Brye was one of them. When all was said and done, when all the blood was spilled, the only thing more tormenting than the dungeon he threw me in was knowing it was my family’s twisted secrets that put me there.