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The Protectors Series


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✮ ( ¸.•´✶The Protectors:
Paranormal Native Bikers
This series is all about the native freaky. Struggles and mistakes made by non-ability people just trying to understand in a world of greed, deception and of course envy. Our Bikers take paranormal to a new level and show the world what “We take care of our own” looks like from their side. With our intertwining characters showing, life stays interesting and at times down right funny.

Ricky shows us what Badass is in book 10 of the MC Series. This book should be read after the Princes of Prophecy and Christian.
Way too much to drink is to blame for the almost literal shotgun wedding that ties Ricky and Elizabeth together. She’s his best friend’s little sister, his VP’s daughter and Pres’s niece. How do you say no? Finally, being taken seriously, he does not need this shit now, he doesn’t need to die either. Figuring the easiest thing to do is go along with it he marries Elizabeth. Knight is not happy and C4 is the least of Ricky’s worries.

D.C. Security:
Most Eligible Bachelor in D.C., Aaron, runs his Security firm for the elite power players running our nation. He’s clueless when it comes to women and spent two years building a business with the D.C. Chapter of Badass because of his last screw up with his Prince Brothers women. Kaleb shows on the Most Eligible list and decides he wants to settle down. With pressure from his family, the senator needs to stop the parade of women they share from showing in the tabloids.

The MC and Baxter men don’t waste any time once Anibet says yes. The old lady war is imminent. All of our favorite characters show to help with this one.
L Ann Marie