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Like a Fox on the Run


J Morgan Woodall

J Morgan Woodall

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Tiger and Amber …

Then, as suddenly as it had started, the shooting stopped. Someone below them was screaming. “Cease fire! Cease fire, you damned idiot! You wanna hit the girl and blow the whole operation?”
Below him, he heard Amber growl. She raised the pistol she still held in her right hand and squeezed several shots off in the direction of the voice. Frost ducked around the corner of the building, as the rounds knocked chunks out of the stucco façade. He couldn’t help but smile.
Aren’t you a feisty little bitch!
Inside the hotel room, Seven didn’t argue with his orders, although frustration welled up inside him like a geyser of pent-up steam. Take action … get the target at all cost! … no wait … Stop! It could really try a man. Still, he understood. Lose the girl, and they all went home without a paycheck.
Even so, he couldn’t bring himself to lower his weapon, or take his finger off the trigger, as he kept Tiger in the illuminated crosshairs of his NightScope. God, how he wanted to kill that bastard!
Tiger began to realize that the dangling fox-girl was the best thing going for them. No one was going to be shooting at them as long as she was exposed and in harm’s way.
“Get us out of here!” he whispered to Jocko.
“What about the girl?” he replied, seemingly out of breath.
“Don’t worry ‘bout her. Just get this thing movin’ while it’ll still be able to move!”
Jocko questioned no further, as he pulled himself back upright and began diverting power back to the rear thrusters. Tiger hit a knee and reached down with both hands, grasping Amber’s arm firmly. The moment she felt his touch she looked up, her eyes locking onto his. In them, he saw only slight fear and no panic. Most of what he saw was determination. Pulling her up by the arm, he helped her onto the running board. Taking the pistol from her, he gave her a smile and a wink.
“You’re something else, girl, you know that?” he said as he slid an arm around her and pulled her close. He looked over his shoulder and gave Jock a nod. “Go!”

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